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If you challenge us...
FynnDate: Wednesday, 23 November 11, 16:30 | Message # 1
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"Destruction Derby / Deatmatch" ClanWar-Rules
We play ever kind of Race-CWs (DD [prefered], DM or CP-Race) in 3 vs. 3, 4 vs. 4, 5 vs. 5 or 6 vs. 6 !

Every team chooses 5 maps, each one will be played 2 times, so that we have 20 rounds. If somebody gets a Timed Out the round will be just restarted when the Timed Out happened in first 15 seconds of match! In every other eventually the round continues, but we?ll wait in the next round until the player rejoins again; than the match will continue.

On the maps RC-Changes arent allowed (e.g. RC Baron in "(DD)Wankenstein")!

We play the match on our CW-Server or on yours if you want! Supplementary we will send you the maps at least 5 days before the CW, same for you if we dont have your prefered maps on our servers!

It is not allowed to disturb / insult other players during the war. Use "y" for your teamchat; just the clan leader may speak in the public chat and say e.g. the current result.

We dont have an exchange point! Don?t change your players more than 3 times in one match! Of course other modifications like boosts or cheats are not allowed to use.

We won?t play with laggers. The highest ping is 200 (if it is more but you don?t even lag it is ok, too) and the fractional ping is 25!

Every team has the chance to do a 5 minute break! Just write "Stop" or smth. else in chat before the next round starts! If your team isn?t complete on the date you have 15 minutes more to look for reserve, but after this time the match will start. If your team doesn?t appear or you leave while the war, the result is 20 - 0 for us.

You have to post the result of our match on your homepage (if you have one) and we do it, too. If the time goes down on a map, the whole round will be restarted again all vs. all.


In your challenge should stand the following things:

Your nick in game:
Your clanname:
Clantag (with HTML-Colorcode):
CW-Time (with your timezone):
Your team (eventually also the reserve-players):
Your maps:

More questions? You can contact the leaders via this homepage (write a personal message) or write me a message in skype (nick: fynn_ger)
Forum / Applications » Clannews / Website » Clanwars » If you challenge us... (How to write a request for a clanwar!)
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